A Registered 501(c)(3) Pet Rescue and Rehoming

It is not without dedication and sacrifice that we have saved so many lives…

Ruff House rescues homeless pets from kill shelters here, and across the country. Animal rescue has become a necessity because euthanasia is the primary solution shelters (funded by your tax dollars) have in place to solving the homeless pet problem. Without rescues like Ruff House countless more would perish in the shelter system which euthanizes healthy, adoptable pets every day.

Ruff House Rescue pulls hundreds of animals every year from these shelters and finds these pets the loving homes they deserve. Ruff House is comprised of dedicated volunteers who give their time and their love to help save so many. Without rescues like Ruff House countless more would perish in often ruthless shelter system. Once having left a shelter each pet is vaccinated, altered and micro-chipped. They are loved and cared for until they find a home to call their own. This could take a day or a year. No adoptable animal is euthanized.

“Continued breeding of dogs and cats while at the same time euthanizing millions to control the excess is morally reprehensible.”

Dog Rescue  Inc. is a Public Charity DBA Ruff House Rescue
Reference: IRS Exempt Organizations

Because of you.

Ruff House pulls the weight of rescue to impressive heights managing to save literally thousands of dogs since its inception. We do this soley with donations from people like you. No donation is too small and every dollar is life saving for a homeless pet in need.


Ruff House educates young people, adopters and the general public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets to halt over population and encourage the use of trainers to make adoption permanent.

Common Sense.

We understand rescuing instead of buying a cat or dog from a breeder or pet store is rewarding and has become a growing trend that we believe should and needs to become the standard. It simply saves lives.


Please visit our DONATE page and help us save lives. Your tax deductable donation can be made in any denomination. Donations can also be mailed to: Ruff House Rescue P.O. Box 365 Oceanside NY 11572.